Your donations become effective through us

Our initiative is financed via your donations and your purchase of products.

The wristband earnings go directly to our partnerprojects. But new wristbands, material for events, flyer and sticker as well as management expenses unfortunately don't come without a bill. That is why we have to reinvest one quarter of the money that we get in via the T-shirts and the Tolerancebags for exactly those purposes. The great remainder depends on you! We are very happy if you want to support us by filling out the donation form or if you want to become a member! We assure, that the donations will come to a targeted and responsible use!

Many thanks for your support! 


Account Details:

Mit Offenen Armen e.V.

IBAN: DE63 4306 0967 4113 4814 00


GLS Bank


What does a membership at mit offenen Armen mean?

  1. You continuously support our work financially

  2. we inform you via email about progresses made in the association and events

  3. on member gathering / conferences you may actively co-determine how the association may develop


As member, you are obligated to nothing, everything possible, no obligations/ everything is possible nothing is a must.

We are happy about your active engagement in our association and your fresh ideas about how we can arrange a cosmopolitan society and successfully live integration. However, we are also happy if you simply honor our work and wish to be informed about what is going on at With open arms, every now and then. 


How do I become a member at mit offenen Armen?

You have two options:

  1. Click on one of the three membershipoptions, fill in the pdf and send it to us via post or e-mail.

  2. Complete the form below and all the data will be forwarded automatically to us. 

Antrag Einzelmitgliedschaft

Antrag Einzelmitgliedschaft

10€ pro Jahr Dein ganz persönlicher Beitrag für unser gemeinsames Ziel.

Antrag Familienmitgliedschaft

Antrag Familienmitgliedschaft

25€ pro Jahr Als Familie einen wertvollen Beitrag für eine gemeinsame Zukunft leisten.

Antrag Firmenmitgliedschaft

Antrag Firmenmitgliedschaft

100€ pro Jahr Als Unternehmen einen großen Beitrag leisten und Brückenbauer werden.