Since 2016 we went on four (!) music tours - to actually meet people where their everyday life is happening, to talk with them about their concerns but also about the importance of open-mindedness and, of course, to dance together. Sometimes we were a whole crowd travelling together across Germany in our Vans, sometimes we were only a few people. But the message we wanted to spread in the streets of all these different locations was always clear as day to us: music connects people, no matter where they come from or what their believes in whatever may be. Since the second time we went on tour, we are grant-aided by the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung’s programs to fund youth work in the context of tolerance and open-mindedness, which gives us the financial support needed to actually realize all the ideas on how to connect with you and your thoughts on society.    


As I said, with every music tour our ideas on what we could do to make people on the streets pay attention to the benefits of cultural diversity, tolerance and open-mindedness became bigger and bigger. This time we travelled in an even larger group with 3 vans! And we had our own film team! We really could not wrap our head around the thought, that we began with a small car and 4 people giving out flyers. I really feel like as if this music tour was even more special than the ones before. This, I am sure of that, definitely had something to do with our art project. The idea behind that was as simple as they come – connected wooden poles and a lot of different artsy materials to give the wooden construction a more colorful disguise. The overriding topic for this tour was the role of extremism in the societies we live in. So, the art project presented the perfect opportunity to firstly document your thoughts on that during the whole tour and secondly to talk to you. Also, we created a survey on extremism to find out how individuals in the different communities we visited think about it. And besides all this beautiful wishy-washy of people from different backgrounds coming together in the most diverse settings – our music was always playing. Looking forward to see you next time!  


The music family of Mit Offenen Armen was growing! Now, we already were 8 people travelling through 7 cities, spreading the word of open-mindedness and tolerance. Again, the most important thing to us during every tour is to talk to people about their everyday life, about their concerns in society but also about the benefits of a welcoming kind of living. Also, we do not use the abundant amounts of money people are throwing at us (because our music is just so beautiful!) for ourselves. All of it goes directly to partner projects which we choose carefully before going on tour, so we can directly tell you which project you are supporting. It is fundamental for us to be transparent about our finances, and isn’t it so much cooler to actually and really specifically know what happens to the coins you toss at us? The main focus during this tour was also to raise attention for the work we do – because how should we be able to support refugee initiatives if no one knows about us? We tried to do that by holding interviews with people stopping by to listen to the music – asking them whether they know refugees personally and in how far their lifes maybe influenced and enriched by these contacts. This time the tour found its end in a club in Osnabrück with a final concert. And I am sure it rocked everybody’s world.   



2017 was a crazy year for Mit Offenen Armen – so much happened and our NGO grew with people and ideas. It is only fitting that, in this year, we could not get enough of making music and went on a music tour not once, but twice. Again, we travelled through 7 cities, leaving our musical footsteps everywhere we sang and danced. For every tour we developed new ideas how to make people pay attention on what we did and do until today with Mit Offenen Armen and how to speak with them on the streets. So for this specific tour we had the idea to take a polaroid camera with us, to take pictures of persons who wanted to be photographed and at the same time using the opportunity to ask them one essential question: What do you think is decisive for all different kinds of human beings to be able to live together in one society? After asking the people we interviewed for their permission (of course, we care about your data security!) we uploaded many of the photos and answers on facebook and instagram, to share the stories that we were told with an even broader audience.


The beginning, folks! It all started out really small - 4 people from Mit offenen Armen, loving to play music and loving to connect through that with people on the street. We played in Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig, handing out flyers of our – back then – really small NGO, discussing politics and societal issues with interested persons. This tour ended in the centre of beautiful Hameln with a small concert in the pedestrian zone. Also, you could say this last musical intermezzo in 2016 was the prelude to a) a great and, of course, super productive team weekend to plan what our NGO would get up to the following months and b) the establishment of the music tour as a fundamental tool to actually connect with people in an immediate and direct way.