We have two goals

We want to set a sign for a tolerant society and against xenophobia and populism. We want to support successful integration of refugees. 

Setting a sign

Our symbol are those blue wristbands.

Our wristband ought to be a sign for tolerance, openness and the desire for an integrative, free and cosmopolitan society. In return for a minor financial support of the project, one may purchase such a wristband either in one of the Saleboxes that are scattered all over Germany (to the locations) , on 'mit offenen Armen' events or in our Online-shop. We have multiple versions on stock, choose what suits you best. 

Support Integration

Every Euro earned through our wristband-sale goes directly to one of the befriended, local integration projects. We guarantee by means of our '100%-promise' that every single euro of these wristband-earnings will safely and transparently be forwarded to our Partner-projects.


The message of our products:

I wish for a free, world-open society + I want to financially support the integration of refugees.


The symbolic value combined with the financial help that goes along with the product's purchase lends the project a great impact on many levels. It is of essence for us to disseminate our message, the desire for a cosmopolitan society, around Germany, noticeably. The products, which we design ourselves, are available for you all over Germany in sale-boxes (to the locations), on events as well as in our online shop in exchange for a minor financial support for mit offenen Armen.  


A very personal network of projects facilitates high transparency and effective help.

Our partner projects support integration in numerous different and valuable ways. In order to be able to guarantee that our, and your, help is applied in just the right way, we foster a direct and personal contact with all our projects.

You have an interesting project yourself and would like to collaborate with us? Don't hesitate to reach out to us, we are looking forward to your message.  


“We are everywhere on the run”

See the following interactive map to find sale-box locations (blue) and partner-projects (orange).

“An awesome team”

On the map you will also find all the mit offenen Armen ambassadors (green). A click on the symbol will reveal to you their reasons for being part of the team.